2018 Guest Events

Jan Scott-Frazier

Convention Horror Stories

Sunday 4:00-5:00 Main Events

Join some of the guests for amusing and horrifying tales of misadventures at conventions

Jan Scott-Frazier Live

Saturday 2:30-3:30 Main Events

You owe it to yourself to enjoy an hour of the interesting and weird experiences by storyteller Jan.  Ask any questions you want.

Release Your Creativity!

Sunday 11:00-12:00 Main Events

Jan has taught art and creativity for 30 years and will challenge you to let your creativity break free. Learn some strategies defeat-creative block and improve your art


Hentai Readings

Saturday 10:45-11:45 Panel Room 2

Everyone loves a good hentai (unless of course, you don’t, which I don’t understand how that could be possible)! And we know you want to see all you favorite and enthralling hentai brought to life, right?. So, we’ve gathered some of the most entertaining hentai mangas we could find, and we, HorseDeer, will be the voices. So, you will get to witness some charming (horrifying?) hentai manga slide shows, that will be read, and sometimes interpreted or even… ummm….  “translated” by your crazy friends at HorseDeer.

Super Happy Fun Time Japanese Game Show hosted by HorseDeer

Sunday 1:30-2:30 Main Events

As much as I would like to describe this panel to you, that’s hard to do. We don’t always know what will happen. In fact, we never know what will happen at this game show. What we do know, is people WIN. Come and compete for an uncertain future by doing uncertain activities directed by uncertain characters. Just make sure you bring a sense of humor, because you surely won’t survive by your wits alone. In fact, your wits are useless in this game, so leave them behind

Yummy Yaoi Yummy Yuri hosted by HorseDeer

Friday 12:15-1:15 Main Events

Are you a pervert? If you answered “no”, you’re lying, so just succumb to it. In this panel, we don’t just talk the yaoi/yuri talk, we walk the yaoi/yuri walk (or dance, or lick, or… corn. Whatever comes up) This panel is filled with yaoi and yuri themed games, stories, jokes and entertainment. So get ready and put on your dirtiest mind, and come play for the WIN at Yummy Yaoi Yummy Yuri.

karly Stein, Mythica von Griffyn

The Dating Game

Saturday 6:15-7:15 Main Events

We are bringing back The Dating Game, DakuCon style. Watch an eligible bachelor and bachelorette ask questions to 3 potential dates all in an effort to win a wonderful date night. Let’s see what matches we can make at DakuCon.

Steve "Warky" Nunez, Michaela Laws

Intro To Voice Acting

Sunday 2:45-3:45 Main Events

Learn about voice acting, with stories about the industry!

Steve "Warky" Nunezs

Wark After Dark

Friday 11:45-12:45 Panel Room 2

Despite its death in the past year, Vine still holds a place in everyones heart. Come answer questions about your favorite vines and get a chance to earn several different prizes

Q and A with Warky, as well as story time.

Yaoi X-Mas Songs

Saturday 3:45:-4:45 Main Events

A tradition of Yaoi and Xmas together at Daku again!