Costume Contest

Daku Con 2022 Costume Contest

We are so excited to be able to host our costume contest again this year! Whether you want to dress up as your favorite anime character, sci fi character, book character, or even your own original tentacle monster we welcome every costume for this contest. While we will still be holding the contest in person this year, due to the ongoing global pandemic masks will be required in both the green room and during craftsmanship judging, but will NOT be required when you are onstage showing off your amazing work. After almost two years stuck inside we cannot WAIT to see what you all have been working on.


Workmanship – All costumes will be judged on both craftsmanship and appearance. Store bought costumes cannot compete in the contest, however if you want to show off your favorite purchased costume we welcome you to parade across our stage during halftime while the judges are making their final decisions. Contestants are welcome to use a model if they do not want to walk in the contest themselves, however they do need to be present for the contest and judging. In order to compete in the costume contest, at least 50% of your costume must have been created or altered in a significant manner. We do also recognize that sometimes our ambition can outweigh us, therefore every participant is allowed to have up to two stage ninjas to help them on and off stage. If you need help and do not have an assistant we will be more than happy to provide one for you.

Craftsmanship Judging – While it is not required for participants to sign up for an individual craftsmanship judging spot we do HIGHLY recommend it as it gives the judges the opportunity to see your costume up close and personal and gives you the chance to explain your creative process. Craftsmanship judging can either be signed up during registration using the form below, or onsite at the convention. We do ask that if you sign up for a craftsmanship judging time slot that you show up on time, and we will be able to extend anyone’s time for showing up late as that would impact the person in the following time slot. While our judges may be knowledgeable in many of the nerdy corners of the internet, we cannot guarantee that they will be familiar with the source material for your costume and recommend that you bring reference images with you. We would also encourage you to bring any construction or progress pictures you might have so that the judges can better understand how you created your costume.

Skit/Walk-On Guidelines – Walk-on’s will have a maximum of 60 seconds on stage, while skits will have a maximum of three minutes. While it is not required to use your full time, this is your chance to show off your costume to the judges and attendees so we strongly encourage you to use it. If you have a specific audio that you want to go with your performance then it can be submitted using the form below, emailed anytime up until the convention to, or submitted in person at the costume contest check in on site. You should plan to record any dialog for your entry as there will only be one microphone available. Any words spoken from stage will not be heard by the audience. All audio must be turned into the programming staff before 11:00 AM on Saturday of the convention so that we can finalize the playlist for the contest.

Eligibility – Costumes that have won at other conventions are ineligible to win. If you have competed a costume at another convention you are more than welcome to enter it for the purposes of displaying it, but you will be ineligible to win any award. If you do wish to compete in a costume that has already won at another convention, you must prove to the judges that you have changed or modified the costume by at least 20% since you last competed it.

Categories – There will be four categories to compete in: Beginner, Journeyman, Master, and skit. The construction for each category are-

Beginner – Still fairly new at costuming and have not won any awards, at least 50% of the costume must be constructed by the contestant

Journeyman – Has competed previously and won few awards, at least 65% of the costume must be constructed by the contestant

Master – Experienced costumer who has competed previously and won several awards, at least 80% of the costume must be constructed by the contestant

Parade – If you want to show off your favorite costume but don’t want to compete or meet the qualifications to compete, sign up here to parade across the stage during our Halftime Parade!

The judges reserve the right to move a contestant into whatever category they see fit. Therefore, if you are not sure which category you best fit into, just sign up for the one you feel most appropriate and the judges will make the final call.

Submissions – Anyone interested in participating in the costume contest can do so by completing the form below. All submissions must be received by 10/28/22 at which point the form will be closed. You will receive an email confirmation after your submission has been received, and if you have signed up for craftsmanship judging you will receive a follow up email after the programming schedule has been released to have you sign up for a judging time slot. If there are any remaining available slots we will take on site submissions at the costume contest check in, however we cannot guarantee there will be any remaining spots and strongly encourage anyone interested to sign up through the form.


We are so excited to see you all at con again and can’t wait to see what you have come up with!

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