Yokubou Lounge

Yokubou Lounge


Yokubou Lounge is a 18+ host club that cosplays. We love doing events for conventions. We are located in Colorado. And ready to serve the Rocky Mountains


You can find tickets to all Yokubou Lounge Events here

Friday Events


Time – 10am-12pm

Overseeing hostess – Elster

Hosts – Ashton, Jasmin, Elster, Salem

the art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge usually by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers. 

The hosts of the yokubou lounge will read or foresee what is in hold for you and your future. With incredible insight

Cringy Fanfic Read Off

Time – 12pm-1:30pm

Overseeing hostess – Josie 

Hosts – Jon, mizuki, christian, Yuki, isabelle

Do you love the feeling when a chill goes up your spine do to the fact something so extra was just spoken… 



“Please no just stop.”

“How about we stop. But not really…..”

Sexy Storytime

Time – 1:30pm-3:00pm

Overseeing hostess – Josie

Hosts – Mari, Amanda, Phaolo

No two first-time sex stories are the same. But if there’s one thing that’s universally true, it’s that sex is awkward, sweet, embarrassing, messy, nerve-wracking, and hilarious all at once. If you thought you were the only person who has had a perfect time or an awkward time. Here some online stories and personal stories. Or just people reading sexy scripts to the audience. 

Speed Dating

Time – 3pm-5pm

Overseeing host – JO

Hosts – Saria, Alowynne, Abbey, Phaolo

Nerd matchmaking time!!!! 

Please come to the Yokubou Lounge booth to fill out paperwork before joining in on this musical chair dating game.

(Platonic or romantic welcome) 

If you prefer someone more feminine wear some type of blue 

if your preference as someone masculine wear red. 

Every three minutes seats will change by the masculine figure standing up and heading to the next table. It’ll be like musical chairs but more fun. Possibility of being able to even sit around a flirt with a host/hostess as well! 

There will be a list question to review at ever table 

Friday Host Event

Hysterical Hospital Monsters

“Please come on in…… Looks like your heart has a booboo. Let me place a bandaid on it. The monster boys and girls here can fix that right on up for you. Maybe I should get you a doctor instead to patch you up. Be careful he may use a chainsaw.” – Vidka

Ready for the second year of fun, friendly, flirty environment. Where we play board games with you, give you snacks, with music and playtime. And don’t forget we are bringing a pure insane gandered effect this year. And now with a burlesque live performances from a new mystery hostess.

We will have 1-hour slot times to insure our hosts get breaks in between each session.

*Charges apply without ticket*

Here are our slot times.




Saturday Events

Waifu Sing Along – 

Waifu Sing Along- 

Time – 11am-1pm

Overseeing host – JO

Hosts –  Abbey, Alice, Ashton, Amanda, Camdyne, Jon, Jasmine, Koji, Chardonnay, yuki

Come duet karaoke with your hosts of the Yokubou Lounge 🙂 

Hentai Jeopardy – 

Time – 1pm-3pm

Overseeing host – Isabella

Hosts – Yuki, Ivory, Mari, Amanda, jasmine

This panel is all about – you guessed it, hentai. We will be putting everyone on two teams and we will see which group knows their hentai the best. At the end of the game with the final question everyone will choose their best person of knowledge to win a goodie bag. May the odds be in your favor. Better start studying 😉

!We also will have candy!

Finger Paint Battle

Time – 3pm-4pm

Overseeing Host – JO

Hosts – Alowynne, David, Chardonnay, Mizuki, Alice, Elster

Do you wanna feel like a child? Who are we kidding we never grew up. So come one come all and lets play with some paint.

“!Succubi Sanctuary!”


“I here hell is rather fun to play in right now. And the tentacle monster is very active this time of year. Probably needing a Human sacrifice soon, or the kraken will get out of control. Honestly all human essence should be taken away during this time. Come by and play!” – Vidka

Hey there readers. This year we have a exclusive vip event. 

With a live DJ, 6 live performances from multiple hosts, a tentacle monster sacrifice at the end! And don’t forget intense punishment games! We will have a saint Andrew’s cross as well for our BDSM lovers! Whips and chains linked up on the walls. 

Welcome to the hell we are creating just for you.

Hope to see you there! We will also have a dance floor and food/drink.

We will only have two slot times available for this event.

*charges apply without ticket.*





DnD Time

Time – 11am-4pm

Overseeing Host – Amanda 

Hosts – Camdyne, Jasmine

One shot campaigns ran by a few hosts from the host club.