Fan Music Video (FMV) Contest

Daku Con Fan Music Video (FMV) Contest Submission Form

Have you ever wanted to enter a music video contest at another convention only to be told your video doesn’t meet their restrictions? Welcome to the Daku Con Fan Music Video (FMV) Contest! We have intentionally structured this contest to be as inclusive as possible, so show us that creativity and who knows? You could be walking away with the grand prize.

Each contestant is allowed to submit one (1) submission to the FMV Contest. Anyone found using multiple studios in order to submit multiple videos will be disqualified.

Please compile videos using established content (movies, television episodes, etc.). Some found footage is acceptable, however we do ask that you do not submit any personal promotional music videos to this competition at this time.

Restricted Material: Live action pornography. That’s it. All other sources/material are free game.

Any video entered into the FMV contest cannot have won any awards at any prior conventions. Videos that have placed at other competitions will be disqualified.

Quality Guidelines:

Please do not include studio bumpers or video credits. We will create custom title cards for every entry and the addition/removal of bumpers/credits takes up unnecessary screen time.  Any submission using studio bumpers or credits will be automatically disqualified.

Your video may not contain any commercial studio logos or television station watermarks (FOX, CBS, etc).

Parody logos are accepted, and trailer videos may contain the green trailer screen as long as any mention of the MPAA is eliminated, unless you have added the edits yourself.

No lyrics/karaoke subtitles unless you have added them yourself.

Videos are to be a minimum of 1 (1) minute and are not to exceed 4 (4) minutes.

Any and all videos submitted must have a clearly organized file name. Please use the format Studio Name-File Name.file format (example HorseDeer-Notice Me Sensei.MP4)

Only submit .MP4, .AVI, and .MPEG file types.

Failure to follow the above guidelines will result in your video being disqualified from the FMV contest.

Please include name of song AND source material.

Categories this year will include Comedy, Romance, Action, “Holy shit that’s good Editing”, and Cute! <3. If you want your video in a certain category, let us know in your email submission. Otherwise videos will be sorted into whatever category we see fit.

All videos must be uploaded to or another file upload website and the link must be sent to be shared below by no later than October 29th, 2023.  Please do not submit your video using a link to YouTube or any other video content platform as it will result in an immediate disqualification.

Thanks, and we look forward to your submissions!