Mythica Von Griffyn

Poet, Body Painter, Chalk Artist extraordinaire and Inspirational Muse with a touch of unconditional Love and creative insight.

One of the contestants on Season 1 of Skin Wars on GSN, 2014. She makes her living as an artist. She doesn’t have a side job to pay the bills… this is it. She accepts paid work and projects only. This is her life and she loves it.

She is great at what she does and has tons of references. She is a professional body painter. She uses brushes and hand applications. Everything from beautiful paintings to zombie gore. She has worked with Kevin Larson Presents, Movies, music videos, Beston Entertainment, the Beautiful Distractions Models, Sutra, Cervantes, Ultra Sheer Nightclub, The Church to name a few.

She can also paint optical illusions, clothing, zombies, Halloween, designer clothing, dresses, animals, you name it… if it can be imagined she can do it. Good ART takes time… She can do fast but I won’t make it look like the slap on stuff. To Mythica this is a spiritual process of painting on love, acceptance, self worth, value, and she claims to be nothing without a partner, aka her canvas. To her everyone is beautiful. She does not allow the models to put any part of their bodies down, or they have to say 3 nice things about themselves to counter act it. She is the embodiment of creativity, love and art in living motion. If there is anything else you want to know… ask her. She can be and is very friendly!