Daku Con Rules and Policies

Because this convention is a meeting place for our attendees to enjoy the Con community, together regardless of background or personal differences, we expect that all attendees will treat all others at Daku Con with a respect that serves to unite the communities. Everyone is here to have a good time, meet new friends, and enjoy Convention with their peers. In order to make this convention comfortable for all, we have adopted a strict policy against prejudice or harassment of any kind. 

Prejudicial and discriminatory remarks or behaviors toward other Daku Con attendees or guests, Daku Con staff or volunteers, hotel staff or guests, or anyone else on the grounds of gender identification, relationship orientation, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, (dis)ability, or for any other reason will not be tolerated at any time during the convention weekend. This policy applies regardless of whether or not registration and/or programming are open at the time the inappropriate speech or behavior occurs. 

If you experience or witness prejudice or discrimination against your person or another attendee or have any other issues involving attendees, convention staff, or hotel employees, please visit us at our Convention Operations base, where we will take your statement and do our best to rectify the situation, up to and including (but not limited to) banning the offender(s) from the current Daku Con, all future Daku Cons, and all activities and events.

Age Policy

All attendees are required to be at least 18 years of age to enter the convention.

All attendees must have a valid government photo ID to be given their badge and wristband.

Acceptable Photo ID: Driver’s License, State ID, Passport, Military ID, or a combo of IDs (such as school ID (with Full Legal Name and Photo) plus a birth certificate).

If you will turn 18 on the day of the con, please be sure to have sufficient proof of your age to get your badge and wristband.

All attendees much be present with their ID to be given their badge and wristband. No one can pick up your badge/wristband for you.

Your Badge and Your Wristband

You MUST wear your badge and bracelet at all times while at the convention. Staff and volunteers are specifically directed to check for both, so make sure to wear them to gain entry to Daku Con rooms and events.

If your badge and/or wristband is used by a minor or an unauthorized/banned person to gain admission into the convention, you may be held liable for any damages incurred and may be permanently banned from all Daku Con events. 

If lost of badge or bracelet, they will not be replaced. You will have to buy a new pass.

If found giving you badge and bracelet to anyone under the age of 18, both you and them will be banned from all Daku Con events.

Dress Code

We welcome all kinds of cosplay, being 18+ opens up for a lot more varieties and ideas. But Daku Con has rules on dress code still. Daku Con will not allow nudity at the convention, dress code in Daku Con will only allowed up to swim wear at the max. If you can’t wear it to a public pool you can’t wear it at the con.All prize and joys need to be covered.Shoes or some kind of foot wear.

The Daku Con rules dress code are only allowed on Con area, the hotel area is different rules.

In Hotel Area Rules:

Must be street ready and basic clothing laws will apply.
We will have elevators that can take you from you hotel room floor to the Con area that can skip the lobby.
Daku Con Security patrolling the halls and will stop anyone breaking the dress code.


While costume weaponry is welcome at the convention (at the discretion of the Daku Con staff), leave your real weapons at home.  

“Live steel “is expressly forbidden. (Don’t risk it! We’ll be forced to remove you from the convention!) Note these special rules regarding weapons and weapon facsimiles: 

1. NO weapons made of real steel or metallic parts 

2. Realistic looking weapons must the “peace bonded” by Convention Operations or Security with a pre-designated piece of ribbon or gaffer’s tape. 

3. Imitation firearms must comply with the law and be transparent or brightly coloured. Having an orange tip is no longer sufficient. 

Any and all weaponry in the Dealers’ Hall must remain in its original packaging while you are on convention premises. Failure to observe this rule will result in the weapon AND your badge being confiscated.

Respect Hotel Regulations and Property

If you wouldn’t do it at your grandmother’s house, don’t do it here. No wild parties. Quiet hours after 10pm, no shoplifting, no verbal or physical violence, and no other illegal activities are allowed. 

Don’t trash your hotel room (or any hotel room, including restaurants, lobbies, and convention rooms) or any furnishings. If you damage your hotel room, you will be held financially responsible. If you damage hotel property in a public area (ie. the lobby or convention rooms), you will be held financially responsible AND ejected from the convention. Depending on the extent of the damage, the hotel may press charges against you for destruction of private property. Similarly, reserves the right to permanently ban a badge holder who inflicts such damage. 

Respect the rights and privacy of other hotel guest.

Be courteous to other hotel guests, regardless of whether or not they are attending Daku Con. Keep hallways and doorways clear so as not to obstruct traffic. After 10 PM, stay quiet in the room areas. Remember, if non-Daku Con hotel guests complain, we may not be allowed to have another convention here in the future.

Courtesy towards the staff and other attendees goes a long way.

We know ii happens; the Dealers’ Hall or panel is packed and the staff and volunteers at the door aren’t letting anyone else in. We’re not trying to keep you from your goods and fun, but we have to abide by the fire code. Or maybe a staff member INSISTS on seeing your ID (as they should). We have age-restricted material on display in our convention rooms so please be patient while we make sure you’re the age of majority (in the United States, that’s at least 18 years old). Other issues may arise, so please employ patience and politeness even when you’re frustrated. We really appreciate it.


Guests are to be treated with respect.

Official guests will sign autographs at certain appointed times and ONLY at those times. You may, of course, bring the guests’ published works for autographs, as well as any guest-related items that the guests makes available for purchase


We have a Check First Policy. Just because people are in cosplay does not give you the right to take a photo without asking. Check First!

Keep in mine that some programing will not allow photographs or video in the room. If photos are allowed, they may be run as general con pictures.

If you have any problems or concerns,

please let Convention Operations or Security know immediately. Staff will respond to your concerns promptly and professionally. Let us know at the Information Table where we should be able to look into it for you and direct your appropriately.