Panel Highlights

Panel HighLights

What's Coming to DAKU con

Building Immersive Game Worlds

A focused discussion on the creation of memorable worlds for both tabletop and video game environments.
Join us for a look into advanced world-building, and creating living worlds.

Mecha Engineering: The Basics

Introducing the concepts of what it would take to build a Mecha (or giant robot) in our modern world. Taking an in-depth look into the science of hulking death machines.

Weebs Who Drink

A modified rip-off of the popular “Geeks Who Drink” style pub trivia game, focused on anime, games, comics, and all things nerd.

Panel Description: Two presenters and their faithful sidekicks will devise a “Geeks Who Drink” style pub trivia to be played in groups by the audience. It will feature live judges, intricate questions, musical and visual rounds, and even a prize for the winning group!

Queer Culture in Anime

Come dive into discussions about Queer Culture in Anime. It will be a safe space for Queer identifying and allies to come in and discuss their favorite Queer Anime, Art, Music, etc. We will have a loving and accepting enviorment!

How to draw Dongs

Have you ever wanted to break into the world of adult art? Join our panelists of experienced artists to get different perspectives on the art of genitalia, sexual acts and tasteful pin ups. Get our advice in anatomy and ask us about how to begin your journey into filling the world with more porn.

Fan Fiction to Writing Fiction

An interactive panel on how to look at writing, from going from Fan Fiction to then writing your own fiction! This panel will feature sitting down with people doing an interactive idea bouncing, as well as how to talk to people about story ideas and learning that we all start somewhere other than just an English classroom in High School or College. Feel free to bring your own work and ideas.

Conspiracy Theories of Adult Animation

Do you have crazy theories of your favorite shows?
Rick and Morty
Spirited Away
Gravity Falls
Over the Garden Wall
The Fairlyodd Parents
Finneus and Ferb
Whinnies the Pooh
My Neighbor Toroto
Powerpuff Girls
And many more!

American Cartoons Vs Japanese Anime

Why do you like?
What do you not like?
These and many other hard hitting question will be asked when we put shows head to head for analysis!
Bring the years of knowledge you’ve accumulated and a spirit of competition! It’s time for a showdown!
With Triva, Charades, and many more games!

Queer Culture in Science Fiction

We will dive deep into the discussion of Queer Culture in Science Fiction. In movies, art, books, etc. It will be a safe space for any and all people to provide perspectives on their favorite aspects of Queer Culture in Science Fiction. We will have trivia, games, and probably a song-a-long! Come dragged up or just ready to Kiki!

Transforming with Jehovah Thickness

In this panel we will be discussing the basic foundations of Cosplay, Crossplay and Drag!
We will go through the process of what inspires a look.
What products does it to take to create a look? Makeup, wigs, costume, etc.
Giving you tips, tricks and facts! Come hang out with some of your favorite Cosplay Queens to see how we make it all happen!

Use Your Words

Play a few rounds of the hit party game “Use Your Words” against a trio of masters!

Roast Your Cosplay

A quarter of half-drunken friends will playfully mock everything wrong with your cosplays.
Four practiced individuals plan to roast the cosplay of attendees who volunteer. With witty, playfully insulting comments and beers in hand, the presenters will attempt on-the-spot roast comedy of any cosplay presented. If volunteers run in short supply, the presenters will have a slideshow of random cosplay from around the web to playfully mock.

Ask a nation Q & A

Why travel the world when the world can come to you? From Hidekaz Himaruya’s anime/manga, Hetalia, you can come ask your favorite countries questions.

Modelling and Posing for Cosplay Photos

Are you ready to make your cosplay photos look amazing?!
You’ve got your photographer lined up, the perfect location, and your cosplay is looking fantastic!
Now you can learn how to look amazing in every photo you’re in! Join Professional Free Lance Model and Cosplay enthusiast Erin Valakari as she and her assistant teach you about where to look, how to pose with unusual props, and what to do every time when you’re in front of the camera to get the perfect photo every single time!