Panel Submissions

Hello Daku Con family!

We are taking submission for online panels for 2020 virtual con.
If you have a panel or a workshop you would like to do and have it featured on the online event. Please have a pre-recorded video send in to by 10/31/20.
We would love to see creative ideas and your shared knowledge.


All interested panelists must fill out the Submission Form below.  Also, please note that while we remain an 18+ convention with the express goal of being fun and adult oriented, we will be hosting our virtual panels through YouTube and therefore will need to comply with YouTube’s Community Guidelines in order to ensure that we are able to host this event for the full weekend without any hiccups or interruptions.  To that end, we must specify that while a submitted video can have sexual content, it cannot be the focus of the video and cannot result in any kind of sexual gratification (Ie no porn).  All videos will be reviewed upon receipt, and if there is anything in the video we are concerned may violate YouTube’s Community Guidelines a member of our staff may reach out and, time permitting, request that the video be edited.  Please note that all panels are subject to review and we do not guarantee that all panels submitted will be accepted.  If you have any questions or concerns as to whether or not a video may be appropriate we encourage you to reach out.

In order to be fair to any other interested panelists, we request that your video submission be limited to 55 to 58 minutes.  We will create a schedule of all accepted panels which will be posted on all of our social media as well as our website.  All interested participants must submit their panel utilizing the file upload at the end of this form by midnight on October 31th, 2020 for their video to be considered.

We can’t wait to see what weird and wonderful content you all will come up with!

Link To Submission Form