Panel Submissions


Panel Submissions 2019


All panelists must be 18+

All interested panelists must fill out the Submission Form below.  Once your submission has been received you will receive an email informing you that the form has been submitted and your panel submission is under review.  Confirmation emails will be sent out by the first week of September. Please note that all panels are subject to review and we do not guarantee that all panels submitted will be accepted.

You must be approved for at least one panel to qualify for a complimentary day pass.

You must be approved for at least three panels to qualify for a complimentary weekend pass.

For the minimum of required panels, only up to three members will qualify for a complimentary badge.  This rule also applies to large groups-Only the first three members to check in will receive a complimentary badge, even if the group is running more than three panels.

If you are running panels by yourself, you will only receive one badge.  You may not enlist a friend as a co-panelist if they are not hosting the panel with you.

All panelists must check-in individually with their IDs to pick up their badges.  No one may pick up their badges without an ID.

Once finalized, anyone who does not fulfill their responsibility will have a one-year panel ban, will have their badge pulled if found during the remainder of the convention, and a strike placed against them indefinitely.  Three strikes and the person will be permanently banned from the convention.

Panelists will be notified of their free badge once the schedule is set and all panels have been approved.