Guest Panels

Tales of con horror

Come hear horrifying stories from the guests.

Wark after dark

Q and A with warky where anything goes.

Yaoi xmas songs

It's never too early to hear xmas songs. At least not when yaoi is involved. Join Warky as he sings the yaoi xmas songs LIVE.

Uncle Yo's Theatrical Side of GM'ing

Haunted Houses, Immersive Theater, Black Box Theaters. Intimate creative spaces. Learn how to make the most of your next tabletop RPG session haunting, memorable, engaging and meaningful regardless of system. Join story-teller and haunter Uncle Yo in a lecture on Dollar Store theatrics, prop management, and free technology.

Uncle Yo's 'Custer's Last Stand-Up'

After a decade in the anime convention circuit, with over 100 shows under his belt, Uncle Yo returns to Denver in a driving hour of wordplay, fandoms, face palms, memes, tentacles, and trash talk

Uncle Yo's Branding Your Internet Self

Hey, you! Creative Type? Have a passion project? Of course you do. How will you get it out there? How will you grow your audience? What sacrifices are you willing to make? Join Uncle Yo in a lecture that has taken a decade in the making out maintaining and maybe building a career out of your nerdy loves.

Bryce Chadwell's 18+ SlashFiction Read-Along

Join Audible narrator and French tickler Bryce Chadwell in part show-and-tell, part gameshow, part wank fest. Bring your page of the Worst Slash Fiction you have and be prepared to share with the class...

Tiffany Grant Q &A

Come ask questions about (nearly) any topic under the sun!  The answers may surprise you.

Women in the Anime Industry

Ever wondered what it's like for the "fairer sex" working in manga and anime? These industry pros give you the scoop!

Creativity Workshop with Jan Scott-Frazier

Need some help from an expert? Well here’s your opportunity to actively expand your work with a multi-media artist, art/creativity educator and Japanese animation industry veteran, who can show you a thing or two, if your willing.

Warumono After Dark

Fithy Warumono has been attending conventions for seventeen years(!) and has LOTS of stories and experiences to share both from cosplay, judging, guesting, and attending - he's even played with Japanese Rock Bands! He is a current member of BDSM communities, a Drag and Burlesque performer, as well as stepping into voice acting for Yaoi and an official Bishounen, so things are going to be uncensored! Bring your questions and your tentacles.

Voice Acting

Join voice actors from around the industry to learn how they got started and what's really involved in the business.

Adapting Scripts for English Dubs

ADR Scriptwriting - "Hey! Why'd they change that?!" Come find out what it takes to adapt a translation into a script used for dubbing.

Informative Panels

Fan Fiction to Writing Fiction

An active panel on how to look at writing from going from Fan Fiction and then writing your own fiction. Sitting down with people doing an interactive idea bouncing, how to talk to people about story ideas and also learning that we all start somewhere other than just an English Classroom in High School or College. Feel free to bring your own work and ideas.

Building Immersive Game Worlds

Join us for a look into advanced world-building, and creating living worlds. A focused discussion on the creation of memorable worlds for both tabletop and video game environments.

Storytelling, Plot Weaving and How

A deep look into how stories and narratives are crafted for tabletop games, video games and fiction writing.

Mecha Engineering: The Basics

Introducing the concepts of what it would take to build a Mecha or Giant Robot in our modern world. Taking and in-depth look into the science of hulking death machines.

How to draw Dongs

Have you ever wanted to break into the world of adult art? Join our panelists of experienced artists to get different perspectives on the art of genitalia, sexual acts and tasteful pin ups. Get our advice in anatomy and ask us about how to begin your journey into filling the world with more porn.

Adult Indie Game Development

Come and let us be your guide to starting up your own game development company. Learn the ups and downs of indie game creation from people in the actual development process, with first hand accounts and experiences from all of the lead members of Team Brusken

Discussion Panels

Conspiracy Theories of Adult Animation

A panel where people talk about all the weird theories that come with television and animation. We can watch clips, discuss, joke, get deep into crazy conspiracy theories. Over analyze everything!

Japanese Urban Legends Survival Guide

You are looking into the face of fear itself, you just met your first Japanese urban legend. From what to say, what to do, and how to escape. Get some of the back stories and also why some of the creatures act as they do.

The Breakbills Student Association Meeting: The Magicians

So you like Magic, you want to Tut, you want to learn how to do magic, you want to join the Breakbills Students Association. A panel dedicated to the hit Syfy Show The Magicians, this sure as heck isn't Harry Potter, but we can make it a connection. Let's have our fun and bring our love to Q, Alice, Margo, and Eliot. While discussing theories, fan theories and predictions to the next season.

Adult Themes in Tabletop Gaming

This panel is a deeper look into the do's and don'ts of using adult-oriented material in tabletop games. Peering into the psychology of these situations, and how to use them effectively in your games.

Steampunk in Anime

An exploration of the theme of Steampunk in anime and its impact on the genre. Join us as we delve into the plausible versus the fanciful while examining the history of the Victorian era and its effects on anime.

Devil's Advocate

Have you ever wanted to watch two over educated geeks complain about Anime and Video Games? Join us for an interactive discussion about everything that has gone wrong in these industries, and why they made the choices they did (even if it irritated their player/viewer base).

Why we hate funko pops

Have you ever looked into the soulless black eyes of a funko pop and wondered why the hell does anyone like these things? Meet the ladies who hate those tasteless figures and hear them critically critique some of the most famous ones. Let's examine the comparison to funko pops to their popular eastern counterparts, nedoroids.

Kanye-Kon 2017 Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

A study of anime influences in Kanye West's music and lyrics through the years

Potter Talk

All you Harry Potter Fans, come meet other Potter fans and discuss the books and movies. Here's your chance to geek out and talk about the things you loved or missed. Gain house points by playing a Potter Quiz game against other Hogwarts houses.

Campfire Tales

Come join us as we reminisce our wacky times and off-the -wall adventures from our years of volunteering at conventions. From having Animal Control called on fellow Furries to a recant of the "why you don't fall asleep around us" story, this panel is packed with silly times and goofy look backs.

Q & A

Ask a nation Q & A

Why travel the world when the world can come to you? From Hidekaz Himaruya's anime/manga, Hetalia, you can come ask your favorite countries questions.

Ask a Daddy Q & A

What's your dream daddy? Bad boy daddy, athletic daddy, competitive daddy? From the producers of Game Grumps, Dream Daddy A Dad Dating Simulator will reveal to you your type in this Q & A.

GM'ing Tips & Tricks

An advanced Q & A discussion on running tabletop games and campaigns, and for assisting Game Masters in creating and maintaining interesting and exciting game worlds. Join us for an in-depth look inside the GM's toolbox.

Con 101: My First Convention

New to the "Con" circuit and don't know what to expect? Then this is the panel for you.  With experience in almost every area of the Convention world, we can answer just about any question you might have.  From understanding behavioral rules to what to do when you want something such a picture taken. We're here with this Q&A to better help you understand the Do's and Don'ts of the convention world.


Life and Challenges of a Cosplay Drag Queen

Full time drag queens who are also avid cosplayers must carefully balance their looks and their budget! In this panel, we'll discuss the challenges of staying true to cosplay looks while making them accessible in nightlife venues. What are the best tools to make a cosplay outfit more club friendly? How do I make a mix for my performance? What if someone doesn't recognize my character? And most importantly, how the heck do you walk in heels in that thing? Breaking into the drag community as a cosplayer comes with its own unique set of obstacles and this panel is here to address your concerns about styling, song mixing, and anything else you've ever wanted to ask a full time drag queen cosplayer!

Transforming with Jehovah Thickness

Join us in discussing the basic foundations of Cosplay, Crossplay, and Drag! We will go through the process of what inspires a look. What products does it take to create a look? Makeup, wigs, costrume, etc. Giving you tips, tricks and facts! Come hang out with some of your favorite Cosplay Queens to see how we make it all happen!

Modelling and Posing for Cosplay Photos

Are you ready to make your cosplay photos look amazing?! You've got your photographer lined up, the perfect location, and your cosplay is looking fantastic! Now you can learn how to look amazing in every photo you're in! Join professional free lance model and cosplay enthusiast Erin Valakari as she and her assistant teach you about where to look, how to pose with unusual props, and what to do every time you're in front of the camera to get the perfect photo every time.

Feet to Fins: Intro to Mermaid Cosplay

Take your cosplay underwater! If you've ever wanted to be a mermaid or merman, this is the panel for you! Learn the ins and outs of mermaiding, the challenges water adds to cosplay, and most importantly, how to be SAFE!

Closet Cosplay

CALLING ALL NEWBIES OF COSPLAY!!! Here is a basic introduction of Closet Cosplay - in creating a cosplay from pre-made articles of clothing. We'll give you the scoop on the selection process for what characters and outfits do or don't make a good Closet Cosplay. We talk about hot spots to get different premade items, and what key things are needed to make your Closet Cosplay recognizable and Chic.

Under Where? Under There!

That's right, UNDERWEAR!! Let's talk about different undergarments and how they can enhance (or UNDERmine) your cosplay!

Queer Panels

Queer Culture in Anime

Come dive into discussions about Queer Culture in Anime. It will be a safe space for Queer identifying and allies to come in and discuss their favorite Queer Anime, Art, Music, etc. We will have a loving and accepting environment!

Queer Culture in Science Fiction

We will dive deep into the discussion of Queer Culture in Science Fiction. In movies, art, books, etc. It will be a safe space for any and all people to provide perspectives on their favorite aspects of QueerCulture in Science Fiction. We will have trivia, games, and probably a song-a-long! Come dragged up or just ready to Kiki!

Games Shows, Trivia, and Karaoke

Table Top Games

Table Top Gaming is the place to be. With many games to pick from the fun ever stops.

BAP Gaming (Video gaming)

Don't miss the best 18+ game room in Colorado. There will be 18+ video  and more provided by BAP GAMING. The room will feature games only available at special events like DakuCon 2017 from LIMN INTERACTIVE and others. Stop by for casual play or our tournaments with great prizes and giveaways all weekend.

American Cartoons Vs Japanese Anime

It's a fight like no other. Asking hard hitting questions as we put shows head to head against each other for analysis.

Weebs Who Drink

A modified rip-off of the popular "Geeks Who Drink" style pub trivia game, focused on anime, games, comics, and all things nerd.

The Bachelor: Choi Twins Edition

From your favorite otome game, the Choi twins welcome you to participate in a Mystic Messenger twist of The Bachelor. Three lucky contestants from the crowd will have the chance to compete for a bachelor/bachelorette. In the end, the one who the bachelor/bachelorette favors the most will win a potential lover as well as be entered in a raffle to win gift cards.

Use Your Words

A trio of half-drunken friends will load up the party game "Use Your Words" for the audience, and invite volunteers to enter the game and play directly against them. The game will be opened up to spectator mode, so anyone with an internet connection and the room info can join in and vote for their favorite answers, allowing for direct audience participation, even if you're not playing.

Roast Your Cosplay

A quarter of half-drunken friends will playfully mock everything wrong with your cosplays. 

Dice Battle! by O.S.S.U

Have no clue what Dice Battle! Is, neither do we so bring yourself to explore new fields.

Geeky Improv Games

Improv can be fun, especially when it comes with fun people and fun cosplays. The audience can join in on the fun with games such as bus stop, ninja, ect.

Counting Contest - Hentai Edition

Are you good at "guess how many x are in the jar" games? Can you see large numbers of things and know how many there are? Are you really lucky? In this "super serious" panel contest, we'll show two different episodes with something to count. Fabulous prizes will be rewarded at the end for the closest guesses! The episodes are hentai, so be prepared to scrutinize some porn.

Cosplay Viking Chess

Come join in the excitement of bringing the ancient game of Hnefatafl - better known as Viking Chess - to life in this interactive panel. Cosplaying or not, sign up and get a spot on the board - give witty banter with opponents and team mates, and act out fight scenes when a fellow "pawn" is taken. Not into acting? Then take a ring side seat and enjoy the show. You never know what is going to happen in this unscripted panel!

Detective's Tarot

Gather around in the circle of mystery and murder where alliances are formed, betrayals are common, and nobody is safe. There is a murderer on the loose, and it's the detective's job to find the culprit and bring them to justice. However, this is no simple game of killers and cops. Each of the participants in this circle of death have special powers, those according to the mystical tarot. Some can save themselves, others can create death anew. Come join the circle and try to best the supernatural cycle of murder.


This isn't American Idol, so come sing your heart out to your favority Disney song or pop hits. Join in an epic, nerdy karaokesession with your KJ, Luxa Deluxe!


Anime sex...I mean SAX with John Moore

Do you enjoy listening to theme songs from anime and video games?  Come hear some popular songs performed on saxophone!
attack on Titan
Angel beats
And more!


Drag Cabaret

Drag shows a little too Wild for you? Then come indulge yourself food, drinks, and don’t forget some Classy Drag culture, entertainment music from the classics.

Throwback Dance

You will boogie,groove,bust a move, cut loose,shimmy, and cut a rug to your favorite tunes from the 70's 80's and 90's. 

Toga! Toga! Toga! (Dance Party)

Togas and Roman-inspired games. Battle in the dance Colosseum and be judge by the Emperor for dance floor glory. Drinks on site for purchase.