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Applications Are Open

Do you long for an mature audience who has the money to pay for your artwork?

Do you wish you didn’t have to hide away all your fantastic “lewds” when you pack up for con?

Would you like to hang out with the some of the friendliest, most rad, and highly skilled Denver artists in the area?

Daku Con may just be for you! Check out our policies, the artist alley rules, and fill out the form below. The alley is first come first serve, so tell us your interest.

Artist Alley Tables are $200 for DakuCon 2023.

Applications and Payment will be due October 8th 2023.

Artist Alley is first come first serve, and we sell out quickly.

Check in information will be announced closer to convention date.

If an artist bought a table last year they already have a spot in the convention.

If a helper if checking in for a artist please let me know ahead of time so I can write their names down and make sure that they have their tables.

Tables are non-refundable unless Daku Con 2023 is cancelled. 

An Artist has not obtained a table until they has received an acceptance letter from the Daku Con Head of Artist Alley. 

Artist Alley Times

Friday 5 pm – 11 pm
Saturday 12 pm – 8 pm
Sunday 12 pm – 5 pm

Artist Alley Rules

Artists agrees to be responsible for all claims of any nature, losses, damages, costs, expenses, personal injury, death, and/or any other claims arising from or related to any act or omission by the Vendor or his/her/their property, agents, representatives or employees in contravention.

You are responsible for securing your own personal property and merchandise. Daku Con and the Alley Staff are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items, merchandise, etc.

All artists must show a government-issued, photo ID to check in at the Alley or Vendor hall. All artists /vendors must be 18 or older.

There may only be two (2) people behind each table at any time. This includes the common spaces behind the tables as well. If you have more than one helper, only one can be behind your table (two people total) at a time. Please be mindful of access ways.

If a helper if checking in for a artist please let me know ahead of time so I can write their names down and make sure that they have their tables.

Table sizes are roughly 6 feet long by 2 feet wide and 2ft 5in tall. These dimensions are subject to change.

Two (2) chairs are provided with each table. You may not supplement this amount with your own chairs.

Other table spaces belong either to another artist, or to Daku Con. Interference with another table space, chairs or displays is not allowed, and may subject you to charges, loss of your registered table space, or other action.

Any structure brought to display artwork must be of sound construction and may not extend more than 5 feet above the table. In addition, all displays must reside within the confines of your area, and may not impede access behind the table.

Please refrain from running, screaming, yelling, or horseplay; all artists are expected to be courteous and polite to one another, convention and hotel staff, the general public, and other attendees. Harrassment of any sort is not tolerated at Daku Con.

If anyone is disrupting you, please seek assistance from an Daku Staff member at any time.

Photography and video recording are permitted within The Alley, provided that the person being recorded has given permission. Similarly, pictures or videos of art are allowed only with permission of the artist.

Artists Alley merchandise rules:

(Examples of acceptable works for sale)

Any product featuring an artist’s original character.

Commissioned and hand-drawn works

Unique, individual, hand-made items.

Fan art that clearly does not violate rights of any license holders

Original props

(Examples of items prohibited for sale in the Alley)

Any work with copyrighted materials or trademarks, including traces, etc.

Bootleg products.

Items not owned by the registered artist

Products that can be bought at a store either in Japan or the US

Food, snacks or beverages

Legally imported merchandise or legitimate US products. This includes, but is not limited to: wall scrolls, sharpies, art supplies.

Any items for sale in the Dealers’ Room

Props that are a replication of a copyrighted and/or licensed nature.


A refund will only be given if the event is cancelled by Daku Con. 

Artist Alley Expectations

On Friday, Artist check-in is at 10 am. The Artist Alley will open at 5 pm on Friday. 

Artists are expected to be open and available at their tables for as long as possible during daylight hours. We expect you to be at your table an hour before opening on Saturday and Sunday. If something comes up or you know you won’t be able to make it for one of the days, please contact the Artist Alley Area Head as soon as possible. Please note that early closures for the Costume Contest are acceptable.

Artists who do not show by noon on Saturday will have their space sold to other artists, and will not be welcome back. This is only for check in, not set up, if you checked in Friday you won’t lose your space.

Special Event License

Please read the information below. You will need a special events license before the convention is held. Please use the link at the bottom to fill out the application. Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you.

A special event license is required when an individual, organization, or vendor plans to conduct or participate in a retail sales event at a location other than the regular business location (if any) at which there are three or more vendors.

Anyone who sells retail in Colorado without obtaining a sales tax license commits a class 3 misdemeanor and may be subject to a civil penalty of $40 per day to a maximum penalty of $1000.

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Artist Alley Submission

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