Christopher Escalante

Christopher Escalante is an award-winning music composer and voice actor for video games, film, and media.


As a composer, he has written original music and songs for many films, video games, and artists that have reached the Billboard Charts at “#13 Classical Crossover Album” and “#14 Classical Album.” His soundtrack credits include the Seduce Me series, Battle RageACE AcademyBlood of Redemption, Twice The Dream, and Mythica: The Necromancer.


A graduate of Bang Zoom! Entertainment’s Advanced Voice Acting Workshop, Christopher broke into voice acting for video games in many of Nexon’s Massively Multiplayer Online video games as the Blade Master in Atlantica Online and Legendary Hero in Dungeon Fighter Online, and has voiced many roles in video games such as The Nameless in Anima: Gate of Memories, Dragon Rider in Heroes ChargeEagle Morris in Aces WildErik in the Seduce Me series, Zorro in Legendary CastleMuv-Luv Alternative, and has garnered a large online following as an online personality and the voice of Ein for the popular YouTube channel “Aphmau.”