Paneling and Events


18+ Cosplay Lip Sync

Kayla Saturday, 7:45-9:15PM Panel Room 2

Based on the hit show: Ru Paul’s Drag Race, get ready to lip sync for your life in cosplay!

20 Questions - Anime Characters

Alex & Joseph Stocks Sunday, 1:45-2:45PM Panel Room 1

Someone has an Anime character in mind, as the audience asks yes or no questions to figure out who the character is. Guess Characters, win prizes.

3D Printing Advanced Techniques

Roam Newman Sunday 1:30-2:30PM Panel Room 2

3D Printing Advanced Techniques is a panel made for those who want to perfect their craft. This panel will go over everything from troubleshooting prints to tuning the printer to get the best possible results This panel will cover: 

• Printing tuning 

• Printer troubleshooting

• Print Finishing basic

• This panel will be a conversational forum for those who are there to help push their knowledge to the others

3D Printing and Its work For Cosplay

Roam Newman Sunday, 10-11AM Panel Room 1

This panel is a follow up to 3D Printing 101. This panel is for those
who want to know how 3D Printing will help them in their cosplay
adventures. This includes basic finishing techniques from a finished
print to a finished prop.
This panel will cover:
• Finishing a print
• Different techniques of finishing
• Finding prop specific models
• An open house conversational style to help those who want to
push their craft

Allons-y, Geronimo, et cetera et cetera!

Lorelei Suzanne Sunday, 4-5PM Panel Room 2

A Doctor Who panel. Discussing what we loved about our 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th Doctors, and what we are looking forward to with the 14th!

An Anthropologist’s Take On Lara Croft

Jack and Tasha Saturday, 4:45-5:45PM Panel Room 2

An actual anthropologist look at the Tomb Raider games past and present discussing the obvious things they get wrong, the not so obvious things that they get right, and the really surprising truth in a lot of the settings.

Anime Improv

Alex Stocks Friday, 9:15-11:15PM Panel Room 1

We will be using characters, scenes, and situations from anime and suggestions from you to create scenes on the spot through different staged improv games. Come learn & play games, act in character, and win prizes!

Ask A DM

Josh Wash Sunday, 10-Noon Panel Room 2

Bring all your issues as a Dungeon Master to the experts and we’ll get you on the right track. Ask us anything about being a DM including planning, organizing, running the game, and dealing with issues that come up at the table.

BDSM 101

kippy Saturday, 6-7:30PM Panel Room 2

BDSM is more than just a shitty book. A scene in hentai and definitely more than just clothes in mad max. It s a life style with some people engaging in it 24/7. My panel will be going over the 101 of the lifestyle, some of the miscommunication of what media says vs what it is, Dungeon Etiquette ( aka how to b3 a good perv) I will have a toy bag tour at the end so people may come ask questions, see the tools in person.

Bedroom (Writing) Anxiety!

Michaela Sunday, 1:30-2:30PM, Main Event Room

Have you ever thought about writing smut? Writing sex isn’t easy, but you don’t have to be a master at it to write it! All it takes is some research, imagination, and a large dollop of confidence. Need a guide to get started? Come along and see how you can spice up your writing!

Betting Ends!

Rook Sunday, 12:15- 1:15PM Main Events Room

Come join us for an afternoon of delightfully degenerate gambling, where we’ll place bets on wacky competitions such as – “Squirrel Fishing” and “Who Will Win This Baby’s Soul?” Prizes! Humiliation! Memories you can’t forget even when you want to! Even when they keep you up at night asking why why why… oh shit I’m still typing…

Character Fight Night

Josh Sunday, 3-4:30PM Panel Room 1

A podcast panel pitting characters from famous anime/video games/ comics against one another in pro wrestling stipulation style matches as we discuss who would win and why.

Closet Cosplay

HopeFully Cosplay Sunday, 11:15-12:15PM Panel Room 1

“Closet Cosplay” — the art of transforming normal items into a cosplay! Short on time? Low on money? Just HATE sewing? Closet Cosplay is a great alternative to creating costumes from scratch! Come learn tips and tricks to turn your closet into your cosplay!

Cosplay Power: Make Up!

HopeFully Cosplay, Magnus Rose, Dawn Stephenson Saturday, 11:45AM-12:45PM Panel Room 2

Learn about basic make-up application for cosplay, including tips for creating popular cosplay looks, such as pretty princesses, natural heroes, and edgy villains.

Dating Game!

Kayla Saturday, 11:15AM- 12:45PM Panel Room 1

A lucky bachelor or bachelorette will have the opportunity to date their favorite anime characters!

Everything I Wanted to Know About Japanese History I Learned from Fate

Jack and Tasha Saturday, 10-11AM Panel Room 1

Just who are all of these people who appear in the Fate series and why are they important in Japanese history? We all know significant figures like Oda Nobunaga, Tamamo No Mae, and Musashi, but just who the heck is Fuuma Kintaro or Sei Shounagon?

Fanfiction Readings

Val Saturday, 1-2AM, Panel Room 1

Join us as we some questionable fanfictions to read out loud. Audience participation is welcome and encouraged, and maybe even eligible for prizes!

For Frak’s Sake, let me like what I like!

Lorelei Suzanne Friday, 7:30-8:30PM Panel Room 2

This is a safe space to geek out about anything and to explore how to accept opinions that differ from your own. Like vampires that sparkle? Cool. 🙂 Fan of prequels and sequels and reboots, oh my! Check any negativity or toxicity at the door, focus on what you enjoy about your fandoms, and let yourself like what you like, for frak’s sake!

Gotta Collect it All!

Lorelei Suzanne & Ian Brazee-Cannon Sunday, 11:15AM-12:15PM Panel Room 1

Collecting has always had an enormous role in popular culture. Come explore why this is, what makes things collectible, and pro tips on building your own collections.

GMV Contest

Friday, 6:15 PM - 7:45 PM Main Events

A Daku Con original, come join us for a music video contest of all media types!

Hail Prince Lestat, the Interview with the Vampire TV Panel

Mariah Sunday, 12:45-3:45PM Panel Room 2

The show has started on AMC+, with an interesting cast. Come discuss what you fans new and old think, voice concerns, and join in on a conversation about the books, movies and now ashow. Be creative and be friendly, we want a lively conversation. Make a prediction about where the show will go!

Hentai Creampie Pajama-rama

Rook Friday, 11:30-1AM Panel Room 1

Go ahead, say it out loud. Hentai Creampie Pajama-rama. Feels pretty good doesn’t it? You know what’s even better? Sharing pie and ice cream in your pajamas at a midnight hentai showing! Bring your PJ’s, we’ll bring the cream, the pies, and the hentais!

Hentai Readings (Ft. Michaela Laws and Katabelle)

Liz Friday, 11:45PM-12:45AM Panel Room 2

Everyone loves a good hentai! And we know you want to see all you favorite and enthralling hentai brought to life, right? So, we’ve gathered some of the most entertaining hentai mangas we could find on the internet, and we here at HorseDeer will be the voices. You will get to witness some charming (horrifying?) hentai manga slide shows that will be read and sometimes interpreted or even…’translated’ by your crazy friends at HorseDeer

House Cup Karaoke

Rook Saturday, 10:45PM-12:45AM Panel Room 2

Well well well… seems the battle for the “Greatest Voice at Hogwarts” wasn’t decided last time after all! Come and join your house team in a randomized karaoke battle to the death! Except the death part. Probably.

How Down Bad: Name that Waifu/Husbando

Val Friday, 5-6PM Panel Room 2

Come guess the Waifu/Husbando. Audience members who guess the character correctly will get a raffle ticket. At the end, raffle ticket holders will have a chance to win naughty prizes such as stickers, and the person holding the most raffle tickets at the end will win the “Down Bad” Award.

K-pop Random Dance - Sexy Edition

Alexander Schneider, Andrew Christian Saturday, 7:45-9:15PM Panel Room 1

Come join us for a random dance with a focus on the sexy and sensual. Both chereographed and freestyle dancing encouraged! Prizes will be awarded at the end.

Komi CAN Communicate (and so can you)

Dano Saturday, 4:45-5:45PM Panel Room 1

“Want to make 100 friends, but afraid you won’t be understood? When Inumaki says “Tuna-Tuna”, does it mean something? Want a guaranteed way to get your drive-thru order right every time? Communication can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be a mystery and like any skill improves with practice. Almost all communication can be simplified down to a single rep- resentative model. Using examples from recent and popular anime, we will see how each element of it can make the difference between being listened to and being heard (or missing that side order of fries).Then we’ll try these new skills together in an interactive demo where you can win some prizes. Come try it yourself and you might find you learn more than you think.”

Learn Japanese Thru Hentai

Dr Zeus Saturday, 2:15-3:15PM, Panel Room 2

Guess what these damsels are saying in Japanese. We will learn a little Japanese and watch a lot of hentai. Returning after the pandemic, I have added even more “educational” hentai clips to entertain, educate, and shock you in this newly designed party game for horny and curious adult audiences.

Learn Shibari

Cookie Fortuna Saturday, 1-2PM Panel Room 1

This is a hands-on learning experience in how to tie Shibari style ropes safely. I have been teaching the art of rope tying for 7 years with Denver Bound. This course will demonstrate how to tie some popular amine bondage ties. The course stresses safety while tying and learning ways to accentuate any cosplay with Japanese style rope art. A suspension demonstration will be performed first before attendees will partner up and learn some ties. This is a hands-on learning experience in how to tie Shibari style ropes safely. I have been teaching the art of rope tying for 7 years with Denver Bound. This course will demonstrate how to tie some popular amine bondage ties. The course stresses safety while tying and learning ways to accentuate any cosplay with Japanese style rope art. A suspension demonstration will be performed first before attendees will partner up and learn some ties.

Murder on the Daku Con Express

Mariah Friday 6:15-7:15PM Panel Room 2

An Agatha Christie style murder mystery trying to solve who would want to kill Mr. Daku. Have fun, look through all the scenarios and find our killer!

PetPlay 101

RoseSnap, Cheeky Angel Friday, 8:45-9:45PM Panel Room 2

For all pets, handlers, and curious newcomers. General discussion/education of petplay, the petplay community, how to get involved, where to source gear, and how to stay safe. Includes a Q & A so bring your questions!

Religion in Star Trek

Todd Ponton Saturday, 2:25-3:15PM Panel Room 1

Discussion of the various approaches to religious beliefs in the Star Trek universe.

Session zero!

Josh Wash Saturday, 10-11:30AM Panel Room 2

How to plan, prepare, and host your next D&D campaign. Learn the best ways to set up your story, start the adventure find out your GM play style, how to include player characters and their backstories into your world, and more! . We’ll also talk about how to set expectations of behavior and establish house rules. We will also provide instruction into how you can make sure players are not destroying your game and causing problems at the table. Learn from some of the best DMs from, the chromatic DM, and

Sexy cosplay

Hayden Brazee-Cannon Friday, 1-1:45AM Panel Room 2

A panel where people of all gender identities and expressions can come together and talk about sexy cosplays they have seen or worn

Sexy Trivia with Katabelle from House Party!

Kat or Katabelle Saturday, 11:15PM-12:15AM, Main Event Room

How much do you reaaaally know about sex trivia? Katabelle is giving away House Party + Vickie Valentine’s Day DLC Steam Keys in this steamy True or False trivia challenge. Hosted by Katabelle

“Sorry, mommy?”: How To Simp, Respectfully

JPax Saturday, 3:30-4:30PM Panel Room 1

Nerdom is full of sexy people vying for your attention. From Twitch and Instagram to Tik Tok, the thirst is real. But how do you interact with these babes in a way that doesn’t make you a creep? We give you tips, and even offer up role play practice to help you simp, respectfully.


Sam & Sam Sunday, 12:15-1:15PM, Panel Room 2

Come ace our trivia on space. Wheel pick the category, you pick the difficulty. Win ‘fabulous’ prizes!

Streaming for Adults

Roger & Emily Morse Saturday, 9:30-10:30PM Panel Room 2

Come and meet with fellow adult streamers. What platform is best for you? Tips and tricks. Come and network and share ideas.

Sucker for Love with Michaela Laws

Michaela Laws Saturday 2:45PM - 3:45 PM Main Events

Join Michaela as she spills the tea about the hit Lovecraftian dating game Sucker for Love

Tales of Con Horror

Steve ‘Warky’ Nunez Saturday 4-5PM Main Events

Panel with any Michaela Laws and Katabelle about horrifying stories from cons pasts.

The Anthropology of Hentai

Andre Gilbert Saturday, 9:30-10:30PM Panel Room 1

This panel is an academic deep-dive into the complex history and culture that created hentai as a modern form of art. To that end, this panel explores Japan’s complicated history with sexuality, the Meji-era legal codes that incentivized animated pornography, along with the unique ways the medium cultivates fetish content.

The Gatsby Gala

Friday 10:00 PM - 12:00 AM Main Event Room

Swing on down to our Roaring 20s themed dance. Cut a rug and dance the night away. 

The Late Shoe

Alex & Joseph Stocks Saturday, 10:45PM-12:45AM Panel Room 1

A late-night comedy game show with themes, scenes, and situations from Anime, Gaming & the minds of older Anime fans. The uncensored audience guided show will remind us how bizarre, dark, & interesting being an Anime fan can be.

The Philosophy of Hentai

Andre Gilbert Saturday, 3:30-4:30PM Panel Room 2

What would Henry David Thoreau’s philosophical perspectives on human transcendentalism have to say about tentacle porn? Would Friedrich Nietzsche have enjoyed NTR? This panel is a chance to take a sardonic look at modern hentai through the lens of 1900s philosophy. Join us for a totally-legit academic panel to explore the finer philosophical nuances of weird-ass porn.

Under Where? Under There!

HopeFully Cosplay Friday, 6:15-7:45PM Panel Room 1

That’s right, UNDERWEAR!! Let’s talk about different undergarments and how they can enhance (or UNDERmine) your cosplay!

Voice Acting in Hentai

Katabelle & Michaela Saturday, 1:45-2:30PM Main Event Room

How is Hentai dubbed? How are those SFX sounds done? How do you even start voice acting for the adult industry? Katabelle Ansari, erotica & adult voice over actress, introduces voice acting for hentai, adult content, and will answer all your questions in this fun panel discussing the craft of adult voiceover.

Wark After Dark

Steve ‘Warky’ Nunez Friday 8-9 PM Panel Room 1

Come see Warky Unplucked in this meet and greet, question and answer panel where anything and everything goes! 🙂

Weebs Who Just Drink (WWJD)

Rook Friday, 10PM-11:30PM Panel Room 2

Have you ever wondered what those silly WWJD bracelets were all about? Well you’re in luck! Those folks were just ahead of the curve when they started supporting “Weebs Who Just Drink” – a nerdy pubstyle trivia game with prizes, swearing, and booze! What else could you ask for?

Which waifu would win

Hayden Brazee-Cannon Saturday, 1:00-2:00PM Panel Room 2

A panel where contestents pit their waifus against each other. Whose waifu will reign victorious?

Who the Hell is Ralph Bakshi?

Mariah Sunday, 4:45-5:30PM Panel Room 1

A wonderful history of one of the most interesting adult animators from Fritz the Cat to American Pop. Ralph Bakshi has numerous industry professionals like the animators of Ren and Stimpy and many others. He has also contributed as part of Anime Mondays on Sci-Fi Channel.

Worldbuilding in Storytelling

Andre Gilbert Saturday, 6-7:30PM, Panel Room 1

Building believable worlds can be one of the biggest stumbling points for aspiring authors. Thankfully, there are plenty of tips, tricks, and tools at your disposal for creating rich settings and capturing your audience’s attention. Guided by a professional fiction editor, this panel will take a look at common hiccups for first-time writers; it will also explore several widely-used techniques for fleshing out fantasy worlds.

Will You Be My Nemesis?

Liz Friday, 8:00-9:00PM Main Event Room

The Dating Game has always been a fun game, especially when using an anime theme. Then again, sometimes love gets stale. Why not have a good old fashioned rivalry instead? We are calling all heroes to come forth and find their perfect nem- esis. You’ll leave this panel wondering how did heroes ever find their villains before HorseDeer? Existing and original Heroes and Villians, come one, come all and get ready to WIN

Yaoi XMas Songs

Steve ‘Warky’ Nunez Sunday, 2:45-3:3:45 PM Main Events

Sing along with these gay holiday classics!

Yay Happy Fun Time Super Japanese Game Show!

Liz Saturday, 12:30-1:30PM Main Event Room

As much as I would like to describe this panel to you, that’s hard
to do. We don’t always know what will happen. In fact, we never
know what will happen at this game show. What we do know is that
people WIN. Come and compete for an uncertain prize by doing uncertain activities directed by uncertain characters. Just make sure you
bring a sense of humor, because you won’t survive by your wits alone. 

Yummy Yaoi Yummy Yuri

Liz Saturday, 1:00-2:00AM Panel Room 2

Are you a pervert? If you answered ‘no’ you’re probably lying, so just succumb to it. In this panel, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk (or dance, or lick, or… corn. Whatever comes up) This panel is filled with yaoi and yuri themed games, stories, jokes and entertainment. So get ready, put on your dirtiest mind, and come play for the WIN.

Yoga in Cosplay

Nova Sparks Saturday, 10-11AM Main Event Room

Come in cosplay (or any outfit you can move in) and join us for some mindfulness and yoga! Take a second to refocus and recharge to handle the rest of your con experience.